Dr. Mozhgan Savabieasfahani

For Ann Arbor City Council

You work hard enough! Your city government should do something for you. Dr. Mozhgan Savabieasfahani will be your voice on the Ann Arbor City Council.

Dr Mozhgan For Council

Vote for Dr. Mozhgan and against apartheid

 For at least a $20 an hour minimum survival wage.  

 For massive reparations.    

 For at least 10% Black enrollment at the University of Michigan: make the University keep its commitment. 

 For the resolution against military aid to Apartheid Israel.  

 For expansion of the Neutral Zone’s Future Corps program: Get every child through college and into a good job.  

 For a City cleanup of the Gelman water contamination before we have to drink it.  

Why Dr. Mozhgan? (Video)

Vote for the constant honest Mozhgan on August 6th, 2024

Dr. Mozhgan's top issues!


Immediate clean-up means shovels in the ground now. We don't want to spend another 30 years meeting with the polluters. We don't want to pay millions of dollars to attorneys as the contamination spreads through our waters.

City Council must immediately clean up the Gelman toxic plume contaminating our waters.


City Council should immediately ensure the Delonis Center is adequately funded so that the homeless are not sent outside in freezing temperatures. Affordable housing should be easily offered to low-income vulnerable families. 

City Council should immediately act to create more affordable housing and reduce homelessness.


This will require more electric buses, charging stations, paratransit, and microtransit. More frequent bus service, where people need it, will eliminate many cars. This will show how global warming can be reduced. It will also increase employment and reduce homelessness.

City Council must expand mass transit to help stop global warming.


We don't want to keep funding these wars on defenseless populations. We can better use that money on our children's education, health care, transit, and affordable housing.

City Council must defend our human rights, oppose war, and approve a resolution against military aid to Israel.


We cannot be afraid to propose innovative solutions.  This city needs more frequent bus, paratransit, and microtransit service.  This would reduce global warming; increase access to employment and housing.  Sustainable environment is a must.
City Council must expand mass transit to get us a more sustainable environment.


Ann Arbor union members teach our children. They take care of our city. Their jobs should never be outsourced. I’m for repealing the union-busting Taft–Hartley Act and doubling our union membership, city-wide and nationwide.

If you can’t pay the rent in Ann Arbor, while you’re still paying for trillion-dollar wars, then you need a union.


Dr. Mozhgan believes that you work hard enough! You should at least be allowed to live in the city where you work. Asking for a $15 an hour minimum wage is not asking a lot. If every working person had a union, you know that our wages, schools, housing, and transit would be far better.

Until then, we can at least push for a $15 an hour minimum wage. It's only fair.


City Council should increase its funding to the Neutral Zone’s Jobs Corps Program. This will create more resources and staff to transition under-resourced youth to college. The program does more than just pay for community college. It puts youth aged 18-24 through these five processes: readiness, training, mentorship and coaching, access to city jobs, and a two-year associate degree.

That Jobs Corps Program should be expanded until every young person has a fair shot at a university degree and a good job.

Dr. Mozhgan is an award-winning environmental toxicologist and an advocate for justice

As an environmental advocate, Dr. Mozhgan has been pushing for clean water, air, and the environment. Dr. Mozhgan believes that buses should come by so often that you don’t have to think about a bus schedule. Zero-emission buses and paratransit should pick you up on all the major streets. For an example that works, see “Portland Moves Toward a Future With More Bus-Only Lanes” in the Portland Mercury. This stops a lot of environmental destruction. 

Bold Leadership Our City Needs Right Now!

About Dr. Mozhgan

Dr. Mozhgan is an award-winning environmental toxicologist. She has been an Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences, and the Managing Editor of a global health journal. She has published over thirty environmental toxicology studies in scientific journals, and has gained worldwide media attention for her work in that field. She has also published a book on pollution and reproductive damage.

Dr. Mozhgan fights for our environmental and human rights. She has long demanded an immediate city cleanup of the toxic Gelman dioxane contamination of our water, declaring that it’s time to “put the shovel to the ground and clean it up now.” 

Dr. Mozhgan listens to you and advocates for you. She fights for our human rights in Ann Arbor and in the world.

Election Day August 6th, 2024








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To lead by example, Dr. Mozhgan decided to not accept any campaign contributions, but would truly appreciate volunteer and committed staff. If you are interesting in helping Dr. Mozhgan win this election, please write to us! Dr. Mozhgan and the campaign team would love to hear from you

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